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The Mother of All Gifts

Elwood Toy Library

Community. Sustainability. Sharing.

In addition to the incredible array of toys my son gets to borrow from the toy library, membership offers the chance to impart key values I want him to embrace. They’re some of the same tenets that make local nonprofit St. Kilda Mums so vital and valued – not to mention top of mind as Mother’s Day approaches.

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What is roster duty?

Carli Rohner

The toy library relies on members to give some of their time, expertise and counting skills to help our paid coordinator run each week's sessions. By being part of the toy library, members are expected to do roster duty 3 times in the year of their membership.

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Suggested toys for 18 - 24 months

Carli Rohner

You may have noticed your toddler likes to carry things from one place to another and put things into their correct places. They enjoy pulling, tugging, dumping, pushing and hammering. From around two years old they will begin to complete simple ‘insert puzzles’, problem-solve, look for missing objects or pieces, recognise themselves in photos and enjoy simple stringing or sorting of things like beads or buttons.

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Toys for preschoolers

Carli Rohner

What toys are appropriate to borrow for my child? It's a common question asked at the toy library. The answer isn't necessarily based on age, but on the developmental stage of the child and, of course, personality and interests. The following play suggestions for preschoolers are starting points that might provide inspiration.

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