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Meet Our Committee Members

Meet Our Committee Members

Elwood Toy Library Committee Members 2017

Secretary/Public Officer – Jess Asz  

Jess joined the toy library in early 2014 and became a general member on the committee at the 2014 AGM. As a stay-at-home mum of two little children, being on the toy library committee is a great way for her and her kids to contribute to the Elwood community. Jess has previously worked as a post-production producer on commercials, TV programs and films.

Chairperson - Anabel Herr  

Anabel joined the toy library in 2012 and the committee at the AGM later that year. She likes being involved in her community, spending time with like-minded people. She also enjoys volunteering her time and skills to help various organisations to run smoothly, learning from discussions and exchanges that occur among committee members. Anabel is a scientist and has three young boys.

Marketing/Social Media – Tobi Bonifant  

Tobi joined the toy library in 2012 and immediately volunteered to host the talks at the maternal and child health nurses’ sessions as she loved to spruik the genuine benefits of the library to new parents. She joined the committee at the 2014 AGM, offering her skills in marketing. Tobi has two little kids who thoroughly enjoy their toy library visits, choosing different toys to enjoy every few weeks.


Treasurer – Tracey Bolitho  

Tracey joined the Elwood Toy Library in 2014 when her son, Thomas, was only a few months old, and she became treasurer in November 2015. Living in a unit with limited storage, Tracey found the toy library appealing as a great space-saver and clutter-reducer in her home. She appreciates the variety and cost-effectiveness that being a toy library member affords. Tracey used to work as a sales manager for a distribution company. She now contributes her experience with budgets, payroll and a variety of financial responsibilities to her role as treasurer.

Grant Writer – Amber Sastry  

The Sastry family joined the toy library in January 2016 when they relocated from the U.S. Amber’s two children love the library and all that it has to offer. She hopes to contribute to the toy library as a grant writer. When she is not playing with her little ones, Amber is a consultant to nonprofits working in the areas of global health, medical research, and maternal and child health.  

Events Manager - Jaime McLennan  

Jaime joined the toy library in 2014 and the committee in 2015. As a stay-at-home mum (and a Big Kid), Jaime really appreciates the value of a good toy. The more truly is the merrier. That's why she is passionate about helping the toy library and sending less plastic to landfill. She comes from a 10-year career as a creative in advertising and enjoys contributing ideas and digital support to the group.

General Member – Kate Ireland

Kate's daughter, Hunter, has enjoyed the variety of toys available at the toy library since becoming a member in 2016. Working in consumer marketing, Kate is keen to help spread the word about this terrific resource to the local community and help reduce the amount of plastic toys that are thrown away each year.   

General Member – Teresa Parsons 

Teresa joined the toy library in 2016. She remembers her mum taking her to their local toy library when she was a young child. Teresa couldn't wait to share that experience with her son, so she signed him up at less than three months old. Teresa works in local government where she manages business planning, service improvement and performance management activities. She also has experience on the board of a community radio station.

General Member – Emelia Hayati

Emmy and her daughter Maya joined the Elwood Toy Library in early 2016, when Maya started showing interest in playing. It’s become a valuable place to find a variety of toys for fun, education, physical, imaginary and cognitive development. Plus, they love hanging out with nice people in the toy library! Emmy moved to Melbourne in 2012 leaving behind a career in yachting and underwater education. She’s now a homemaker for husband Andrew and Maya, and looking forward to contributing to the toy library.

General Member – Jane Touzeau

Jane loves the toy library for its obvious benefits and the joyful sharing it offers. Jane was a member when her kids were little, and joined again as a grandmother! Jane is the local councillor and is also chair of the Neighbourhood house committee. Jane sees the toy library as the essence of Elwood, representing youthfulness, goodness, appreciation, simplicity, intelligence and care.


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