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What is roster duty?

Carli Rohner

What is roster duty?

The toy library relies on members to give some of their time, expertise and counting skills to help our paid coordinator run each week's sessions. By being part of the toy library, members are expected to do roster duty 3 times in the year of their membership.


Roster duty during toy library sessions (2hrs) is mostly about toy returns (and cleaning, cataloguing and helping members take toys to their cars). But it's also about meeting other local parents, and spending some time getting to know the toy library. And it goes without saying that you are welcome to bring your child/ren along with you on the morning your rostered. 


There are also opportunities to do your roster duty outside of opening times. Some of the ways you can help include:

·         Cleaning toys (especially dress ups)

·         Repairing toys*

·         Helping at events

·         Talking to new parents groups

·         Graphic design / web development

·         Participating as a committee member


*Grandparents are welcome to help too!


If you have skills you'd like to share, or would like to help outside roster hours, let Simon know by email or next time you're at the toy library.

PS. This blog post highlights 5 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering. [link]


PPS. Roster duty fact: On a busy Saturday morning (after a long weekend especially) 250 plus toys are processed - that's 2.1 toys per minute!