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Marble Runs rule.

Elwood Toy Library



In the two-plus years that we’ve been members of the toy library, my son has happily tried out his share of toys. Most of his favourites feature wheels – he’s a very active three-year old – but every once in a while we check out something that ends up holding his attention without zooming through the house. (These are moments we cherish.)

Marble runs have been ranking high with our little guy lately, and it’s no wonder – they’re awesome toys. Here are three great reasons to give them a try.

One toy, countless options. Because there are so many different ways to put them together, marble runs offer myriad possibilities each time you play with them. As a result, kids are more likely to stay engaged beyond the first couple sessions. They learn more about cause and effect with each construction and get to put their knowledge to use the next time they build.

Play that’s social or solitary. Marble runs appeal both to kids who are happy to play on their own as well as those that enjoy teamwork (or who need to work on it). It’s one of the only kinds of toys that our son will sit quietly with and play by himself. He welcomes help from a friend or mum or dad, but it’s not a requirement.

Fun for all ages. Let’s face it: some toys are more fun than others when it comes to playing with your kids. I’ve found myself actually enjoying building marble runs with my son. And the delight you feel once you let the marbles loose in your creation is rewarding at any age. (The Music Motion Marble Run from the toy library is especially entertaining.)

The toy library offers a variety of marble runs to borrow. Just ask Simon where to find them, and have fun!

Elizabeth Robins, Toy Library Member.